This course focuses on the application of total quality management to IVF laboratory processes which will help in standardization of laboratory procedures and optimization of results.

Quality Control in an IVF lab is the set of protocols defined for all the consumables, equipment and procedures in the lab which help in achieving high implantation rates. Basic quality management is still often poorly understood by embryologists & technicians. Risk analysis and minimization are important for the success of an IVF program, still many IVF scientists have only limited understanding of how to manage the lab in risk prone situations. The Fertilis Academy brings you an exclusive course entirely on quality control of an IVF lab.

3 to 3.40 PM:
Quality Wise: Matters that matter in an IVF lab ? by Dr. Sarabpreet Singh

3.40 to 4.00PM:
How the laboratory environment affects gamete and embryo biology - by Dr. Sarabpreet Singh (20 min)

4 to 4.40PM:
Learn from the Master: Optimization of an IVF lab (40min) - by Mr. Yatin

a. Dos and Donts
b. Calibrations:
  • pH, Temperature, Osmolality, Particle Count
  • VOCs and their management
  • AHUs (filter integrity)
  • Incubators
  • Laminar hood
  • Frequency of Calibrations (40min.)


5 to 5.30PM:
The concept of Total Quality Management (Standardization of IVF Lab): by Dr. Sarabpreet (30 min)

5.30 to 6.00PM:
Key Performance Indicators: by Dr. Sarabpreet (30 min)


9.00 to 9:30AM:
Documentation (new ART rules) (30min.)

9:30 to 10:00AM:
Lab Maintenance Protocols (30min.)

c. Batch-IVF: Dos and Donts : What a gynecologists must know? d.
d. Precision-instruments e. Points of Special Attention:

  • Gases and gas cylinders
  • Consumables and Disposables
  • Cleaning recommendations during on-going cases

10 to 10.30AM:
Next level Lab Care (20min.)- by Mr. Yatin


11 TO 1AM:
Demonstration - by Dr. Sarabpreet & Mr. Yatin

1: Particle count of IVF Lab, OT and LAFs according to ISO 7 & ISO 5.
1: Flow check of filters
1: Filter integrity testing
1: VOC check of IVF Lab & OT
1: pH check
1: Hygiene monitoring by taking swabs (ATP check)
1: RPM check of centrifuges
1: Calibration of IVF lab instruments

a) Incubators b) Heating stages c) Warmers

Q&A session:Troubleshooting and problem solving


This course focuses on the application of total quality management to IVF laboratory processes which will help in standardisation of laboratory procedures and optimization of results.

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