A Comprehensive Course in ART : IVF Clinical and Lab Essentials

    Course Highlights

    • Live online interactive classes
    • One-to-One Mentoring
    • Study Material will be provided
    • Didactic lectures
    • Hands-On Training (optional)
    • The certificate will be provided at the end of the course
    • Study Material will be provided

    Live Interactive Online Classes

    Day 1:11th January, 2023

    • Preparing the couple for IVF
    • Surgery before IVF-the evidence


    Day 2: 13th January, 2023

    • Setting up an IVF lab- the do’s and don’ts
    • IVF lab maintenance


    Day 3: 18th January, 2023

    • Principles of ovarian stimulation
    • The gonadotropins and the trigger -What all matters


    Day 4: 20th January, 2023

    • Gamete Handling:
    • -Semen preparation
    • -Prepration of oocyte before IVF/ICSI
    • -Oocyte Morphology: whats important

    Day 5: 1st February, 2023

    • Preparing the endometrium for frozen embryo transfer/donor oocyte cycle
    • -The intricacies of luteal phase support in a fresh and frozen embryo transfer


    Day 6: 3rd February, 2023

    • OPU: Mastering the technique step by step
    • Embryo Transfer: the principles


    Day 7: 7th February, 2023

    • Embryo culture systems: an overview
    • Media, disposables and consumables
    • Embryo grading and selection


    Day 8: 9th February, 2023

    • Poor ovarian response- treatment options
    • ET catheters and loading technique



    Dr. Sarabpreet Singh

    MD (AIIMS), ESHRE-Certified, Senior Clinical Embryologis


    Dr. Monica Varma

    MD (AIIMS), ESHRE-Certified, Senior Clinical Embryologist