The Fertilis Academy

The Fertilis Academy has been founded by Dr. Sarabpreet Singh, with a vision to formalise training in clinical embryology and andrology.

With his career as a clinical embryologist spanning over 13 years, Dr Sarabpreet felt the need to standardize the various embryology and andrology procedures, so as to improve the success rates in assisted reproduction.

He has been running hands-on courses for clinical embryology at the Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon, which includes a theoretical overview of Andrology and Embryology techniques, and an extensive hands-on training for micromanipulation (ICSI) and Vitrification.

Through our virtual classroom, we will be providing classes on pertinent topics in the field of clinical embryology and andrology. The mode of teaching will be online classes and video demonstrations, followed by one to one discussion, which is usually lacking in many other teaching programs on the same subject. This will help the students to clarify doubts, if any, as well as develop a grasp on the subject.

The focus of the training would be to make candidates understand why a particular procedure is done, how it is done, and when it should be done.

Besides online classes & hands-on training for clinical embryology, the Fertilis Academy also provides support for setting up & commissioning of IVF labs as well as validation and troubleshooting of IVF lab procedures.

Besides online classes for clinical embryology, the Fertilis Academy also provides support for setting up, commissioning & auditing of IVF labs as well as validation and troubleshooting of IVF lab procedures.



This course serves as a guide for the selection of the appropriate design, equipment and disposable supplies needed to start an IVF laboratory as well as makes the students familiar with the mandatory knowledge one should acquire for running an IVF lab.


This course give you a detailed knowledge about male fertility evaluation covering topics such as sperm production, quantitative and qualitative analysis of semen sample & pathologies affecting male reproductive functions.


The course in clinical embryology gives you a detailed knowledge of workflow in an IVF lab with special emphasis on oocyte and embryo grading and embryo culture systems & a brief description of quality management.


This course focuses on the application of total quality management to IVF laboratory processes which will help in standardisation of laboratory procedures and optimization of results.


Cryobiology is the core of modern ART practice. This course is designed to help students understand the basics of cryobiology and improve the outcome of various cryopreservation procedures


IVF and ICSI are the two most commonly used techniques in an IVF lab. This course helps in understanding which of the two should be applied and how to optimize both the techniques in terms of their results

Target Audience

  • Clinicians
  • Embryologists
  • Pathologists
  • IVF and Andrology Laboratory Technicians
  • Professionals involved in Quality Control and Total Quality Management
  • Managers of Fertility Units

Training methods

  • Online lectures
  • Interactive sessions
  • Video demonstrations
  • Online exams
  • Hands-on training

Course Material

Relevant study material will be provided to the student after the completion of the course.

Knowledge enhancement

In the field of IVF & Clinical Embryology, continued learning is indispensable to development and success.